Prices And Services

What services are we providing and what are the prices?

We have a select number of services on offer which are those we feel we can offer at high quality and still retain the great value. The treatments we have available will grow over time so give us a call if there is something particular you require or if you would like to learn more about the services we provide.



This is a very sanitary method of hair removal as only the thread will touch your skin and not any chemicals that so there is no risk of any skin reactions. There are many details about threading in the internet that you can find out about if you would like to know more, or you could give us a call.

Eybrow and Shaping – £5.00

Upper Lip – £5.00 ( chin free )

Lower Lip – £3.00

Chin – £3.00

Cheeks – £5.00

Forehead – £5.00

Whole Face – £18.00


£15.00 – Lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes a soak, nail shape, cuticle tidy, exfoliation and hand massage. The first step is to clean followed by removing any old nail polish. Your hands will be soaked to help them soften up ready for the manicure. This is when the nails and cuticles will be attended to. Exfoliation will then remove any dead skin cells and this is followed by a ten to fifteen minute hand massage



£18.00 – Lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes cleansing, massage, facial steam, scrub and face mask. The cleansing will remove any build up of dirt on the skin and this is then followed by a facial massage that will help with skin circulation. The facial steam will help to soften the skin and this is followed by exfoliation. The skin will be softer and tighter and ready for the final stage which is the face mask.

Indian Head Massage

£20.00 – Lasts approximately 30 minutes and involves a relaxing massage to the neck, head and shoulders that has numerous benefits that you will find on this site.