Manicures in Truro


A manicure is one of those treatments a lot of people will perform themselves at home and for an occasional treat they will visit their beauty salon to have it done professionally.

All of these treatments can add up to being quite a large expense but having a professional manicure done is great for you nails.

If you must leave time between manicures at the salon, try to only leave the time hap to about a month. The beauty of coming to us for your manicures in Truro is our great prices. With such good value it will be possible to have a salon manicure once a month without it being too expensive.


Manicures in Truro – What is included


Our manicures have a number of steps to them and will last approximately forty minutes. The first step will be to sanitise the hands, remove any old nail polish and to give them a nice soak which will make the nails soft and supple and allow working on them to be easier.

After they have been soaked, they can be trimmed and filed to the desired length and the cuticles attended to depending upon your preference. Once they have been trimmed it is time for the exfoliation which helps to remove any old dead skin cells. The last, and probably the best part of the manicure is the hand massage. This will leave you hands feeling wonderful, refreshed and relaxed. The final touch will be to apply a polish of your choice or we can leave them as nature intended for a while to let the nails breath and allow you to add your own polish later.


Booking An Appointment


Would you like a manicure with us? It is easy to book, either by call, text, email or using the contact form on this site. The cost is only £15 for a manicure lasting around forty minutes. Contact us now if you woiuld like to book your next manicure with us and check out more articles at our beauty blog.