Is Threading Painful

A common question that is often asked by some people who have not tried any form of threading previously, is, is threading very painful?

Obviously we all experience pain in different ways and what may feel very painful for one person my not be that painful for another.

Having said that, most women will already know how painful threading might be. If you have ever plucked any hairs then you will know what threading feels like. However, rather than taking out one hair at a time, a number of hairs are removed at once. The advantage of this being that any pain that is there does not last very long because the hairs are being removed much faster.

What you will also find is that over time, any pain that you may experience lessens. This is because as you continue to have threading done, the hairs become finer and so are removed less painfully than they would when you first try.

There is a benefit in the after effects also. When using threading as the form of hair removal for your face and eyebrows instead of waxing, there will be no chemicals applied to the face and no skin removed. Waxing can leave the skin feeling quite sore and raw but with threading this does not happen. The only pain you may feel is when the threading is taking place.