How Often Should You Have Threading Done

How often should you have your eyebrows threaded?

The length of time you should wait between eyebrow threading appointments is dependent upon how quickly it takes for your eyebrow hair to regrow and reach a point where you feel you need them tidied up again.

The beauty of having your eyebrows threaded is that they can be shaped well and the growth will look good.

However, all of us reach a point where they are getting too long. This growth depends on the genetic make up of the individual and the type of hairs you have.

Because of this the length of time that it can take for a persons hair to grow back can vary from
anywhere from two weeks up to eight week, although for the average individual the time would be
around four to five weeks.

It also, obviously comes down to how you feel about your own eyebrows and your own personal taste. You may want them done sooner if you are going out somewhere special, even if they are not due.

Facial hair grows in a similar way and again can be up to the individual on how they feel about their facial hair. It can be more noticeable on some people compared to others and those people where hair growth is quicker may need to have an appointment more often. My threading prices are very cheap so coming to have your face or eyebrows done each month is not going to cost a lot of money.

For some people it can be tempting to pluck some hairs or use a razor before the next appointment
but this is not recommended. What will happen if you do this, is the hair will get thicker which
makes it more difficult and more painful to thread.

When you leave your hair to grow and let your salon thread your eyebrows or face for you, the hair will
grow back finer each time you have it done. The reason this happens is that the hair is pulled out from
the root and this weakens the hair more and more so that it regrows finer.