Eyebrow Threading or Waxing


Eyebrow threading has been used as the primary form of hair removal for many, many years in Eastern culture and has recently become more popular in the west. Until recently the majority of women would use waxing, plucking or shaving to remove their hair but now more and more are turning to threading as their preferred method for facial hair removal and eyebrow trimming and shaping.

Threading uses a cotton thread to remove hair from a persons face or eyebrows and this removes the hair at the follicle in a swift, fluid motion.

When waxing is used to remove facial hair it can cause some damage to the skin. Many people do not realise that waxing on the face can be quite hard and even more so when the person has sensitive skin. Waxing chemicals can cause burns on the skin, damage to the skin and can be quite bad for your health. When threading is used there are no chemicals involved as the only thing that comes into contact with the skin is the thread.

For those people who have very sensitive skin, it is not only the chemicals from waxing that can be a problem but also hair removal creams and even tweezers could irritate the skin. Because threading uses just a thread and there is not much contact with the skin then there is not much damage to the skin. This is very good if you skin has problems with acne or you take certain types of medication.

Threading lasts longer than waxing. When you have your eyebrows threaded the hair will be gone for around 3 or 4 weeks and often longer. The hair also grows back finer so any pain that you may experience gets better the more often you have it done.

With threading the hairs are removed in a fluid motion and it is a great technique for shaping the eyebrows when done by a professional. You will find the shape and the arch is better when you have your eyebrows threaded rather than waxed.