Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage


An Indian Head Massage is probably the most relaxing of all massages in terms of being great at taking away everyday stress aswell as being great for the muscles and joints.

Its origins, as the name suggests, lie in India where this type of massage has been performed for around a thousand years.

The massage actually focuses on the head, shoulder and neck area and generally lasts approximately 25 to 30 minutes.

The massage will usually start at the upper back and will apply pressure to points to help relax themuscles and remove any built up knots. It will then move to the shoulders in order to remove any tension in this area. Massage to the neck and head will then help to release any blockages that may cause headaches and help create better circulation in the cerebral fluid. The massage of the scalp once again helps with circulation and relaxes the head.

One of these massages can also help improving mental health because it can help to build up energy levels, provide relief from stress, anxiety and depression.

You will also benefit if you suffer from headaches or migraines, have issues with joint tensions, want a boost to the immune system, need help to relieve symptoms of asthma or need help with increasing muscle tone.

Book your massage today and begin to feel the benefits of what this offers. While you are here, take a look at the other articles in our beauty blog and contact us if you have any questions.




Manicures in Truro


A manicure is one of those treatments a lot of people will perform themselves at home and for an occasional treat they will visit their beauty salon to have it done professionally.

All of these treatments can add up to being quite a large expense but having a professional manicure done is great for you nails.

If you must leave time between manicures at the salon, try to only leave the time hap to about a month. The beauty of coming to us for your manicures in Truro is our great prices. With such good value it will be possible to have a salon manicure once a month without it being too expensive.


Manicures in Truro – What is included


Our manicures have a number of steps to them and will last approximately forty minutes. The first step will be to sanitise the hands, remove any old nail polish and to give them a nice soak which will make the nails soft and supple and allow working on them to be easier.

After they have been soaked, they can be trimmed and filed to the desired length and the cuticles attended to depending upon your preference. Once they have been trimmed it is time for the exfoliation which helps to remove any old dead skin cells. The last, and probably the best part of the manicure is the hand massage. This will leave you hands feeling wonderful, refreshed and relaxed. The final touch will be to apply a polish of your choice or we can leave them as nature intended for a while to let the nails breath and allow you to add your own polish later.


Booking An Appointment


Would you like a manicure with us? It is easy to book, either by call, text, email or using the contact form on this site. The cost is only £15 for a manicure lasting around forty minutes. Contact us now if you woiuld like to book your next manicure with us and check out more articles at our beauty blog.

Nail Polish – Magnetic nails

beauty salon truroI ordered this through the nails inc website, my first thoughts being it was abit of a gimmick nail polish like so many others that are around at the moment.

First job was a good base coat and then to try out the magnetic polish. The instructions are not that clear, not to me anyway, and the first one I mess up. After the first mishap its plain sailing.

It is so easy to create a great effect, literally paint, hover over the top with the magnetic part built into the lid of the polish and you have a brilliant effect.

Love the effect it creates, easy to apply and lasted well. This is a polish I recommend if you are looking for something different.

There are many nail treatments around at the moment and we have experience of a few so drop into our beauty salon for any advice. Take a look at more of our articles at our blog.

Nail Salons in Truro – Manicure and Pedicure

Nail Salons in Truro

nail salons in TruroThere are number of nail salons in Truro so why choose beauty salon truro for your nail treatments. Currently, we do not have the extensive range of services available as a lot of salons but we do have two major treatments to make your nails, hands and feet look and feel great. At a time in the future we will add more nail treatments as we know the are nail salon fashion trends that are popular and as more customers who ask us for this type of nail treatment we will add these services to what we already do.

Nail Salons in Truro – Our Nail Treatments

The treatments we do offer for nails are a manicure and pedicure. These both last around 45 minutes and are great value, costing only £15.00 and £18.00 respectively. We like to add afew extra elements to our manicures and pedicures compared to the standard treatments. Not all salons will include a massage in their manicures and pedicures as we do. A massage is an important part of the treatment as it will stimulate blood circulation which help with healthy nail growth. We also include a foot spa within our pedicure treatment which, as well as being soothing, helps to soften up the skin and nails ready for the main treatment. We are sure you will love our manicures and pedicures and with our great prices will be able to come back for them on a regular basis and many of our clients do.

Manicure And Pedicure

A manicure and pedicure are common treatments to have at a salon and by choosing us for your manicure you can be sure of a high quality, great value service. Both have a number of stages involved and these can vary from salon to salon. The basis of the manicure and pedicure is a soak to make the nails nice and soft and supple, filing and shaping of the nail and attending to the cuticles. There is often a stage of exfoliation that helps to remove dead skin cells and for many salons there is a hand or foot massage. The final stage will often add a polish and there are various styles around at present that people have preference for.

The Best Value Nail Salons

We like to think we offer the best value nail treatments out of all the nail salons in the area. Although we only have a couple of nail treatments on offer, after checking the salons we are able to check, we believe we have the cheapest in the area. However, because our price is so low does not mean our quality suffers. We still retain our professional quality and great service while still having our great prices. We not only offer a similar service to all other salons but like to offer that little bit more to provide our clients with the great service they deserve and wish for.

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If you would like a nail treatment with one of the nail salons in Truro, then give us a try. You can book an appointment by giving us a call, emailing or using the contact form on our website. Read more in our beauty blog.